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pools device types
February 2017

New pool widgets

With the introduction of new backend feature called device types, we can now go into any depth at controlling pools. Thanks for all the help and advice from our partners... Read more...
January 2017

Prototype: 12 channel LED dimmer

Now featuring 12 LED / OC output module. LED low voltage dimmer outputs with 50W per channel Outputs are configurable for open collector digital outputs to be used with either... Read more...
January 2017

Prototype: 2 NTC / DI / DO

The device of choice for daisy chain wiring fans! Stick with classic electric installation and just connect all blind or light switches with one UTP cable. Features: 2 NTC temperature inputs... Read more...
October 2016

Multi-zone Controller: Aluminium frame with black coating

We are testing various surface finishes of the aluminium frame of our multi-zone and multi-functional controller. This one is a good candidate for v1. Picture of the back side of... Read more...
October 2016

Encoder blinds controller available now

The only controller in the market which is capable to control up to 15 interior blinds from a single device. It is four times more compact than the closest competitor.... Read more...
October 2016

Universal input module available now

INDUSTRY FIRST! On this module, every single terminal is capable to handle any kind of input. You can fully utilize every terminal before adding another input module. One of benefits... Read more...
October 2016

PROTOTYPE: Humidity sensor on internal bus

Hydronic ceiling cooling is getting the premier measurement device. Thanks to relative air humidity measurement, TapHome can calculate dew point and control water temperature in cooling circles appropriately. This way you... Read more...
September 2016

Core rev1.4

New Core is tailored for small installations. It features a couple of inputs and outputs necessary for heating or ventilation control in a small project. For just 299 Euro, every home or cabin... Read more...
September 2016

Heating / cooling switch

We have added a configurable automatic season switch for heating and cooling. It changes state between four modes: Heating only Cooling only Both heating and cooling (You may want to... Read more...
August 2016

Air ventilation integration

Modbus integration of Atrea air ventilation with heat recovery has been added. Atrea Duplex product family provides not just air ventilation but it also actively heats or cools the air.... Read more...
August 2016

Limit condition

You may want to have your motorized window responsive to outside conditions but not at night. The part "but not" - that is limit condition. Limit condition can be defined... Read more...
August 2016

Alarm integration

We have added a RS485 integration of Jablotron alarm using their RS485 Interface component. The integration saves time during installation when connecting to the alarm system when compared to traditional connection... Read more...
August 2016

New devices

Rain / snow detector and rain volume sensor have been added to eshop. Rain / snow detector protects awnings or motorized windows. Rain volume sensor is used for soil humidity estimation... Read more...
July 2016

Folders on dashboard

Now you can organize devices into folders on dashboard. Examples are a folder "Heating" with thermostats for all zones or folder "Living room" with all devices in it. Available both... Read more...
Go to Menu - Settings - User management
July 2016

User management update

User management lets you define access rights and permissions for various types of users. Users can be for example family members, guests in a hotel or tenants in an office... Read more...
June 2016

Digital output module rev1.4

12 DO Module has been upgraded from 12A to 16A with fixed terminals. More performance and less space required in switch box.


Sophisticated heating algorithm learns energy requirements of each room.
It reaches desired temperature quickly, efficiently and precisely.

  • manual-override-icon
    Zoned regulation

    System controls temperature in heating or cooling zones. All zones are displayed on one screen.

  • equiterm-icon
    Equithermic regulation

    Exterior temperature is taken into account and performance of heating or cooling system is adjusted accordingly.

  • eco-mode-icon
    Eco mode

    Turn heating or cooling to eco mode when leaving home or office for a longer time. One press of a button does the job.

  • self-control-icon
    Learning system

    PID algorithm learns to correct for past errors. It reaches desired temperature without fluctuations.

  • weekly-agenda-icon
    Weekly schedule

    Setting weekly schedule takes just a few seconds. No more studying manuals!

  • equation-icon
    Dew point calculation

    For hydronic ceiling cooling, dew point calculation increases cooling performance while mitigating the risk of dew accumulation.

Taphome app Thermostat

What Do I Need?



Control unit with interfaces for internal bus, RS485 and ModBus.


12 DO Module

Relay module which switches heating valves, blinds motors, lights or sockets.


24 UI Module

It gathers inputs from light and blind switches, temperature and motion sensors.


Multi-zone Controller

Controls all of heating, cooling, blinds, lights and fan coils in multiple zones.

Blinds angle


External brightness sensor measures the amount of radiant heat. Blinds adapt to it.
Later in the evening blinds change their angle and care for maximum privacy.

  • wind-protection-icon
    Wind protection

    When there is strong wind, blinds change their angle or move up completely.

  • blinds-shading-icon
    Shading groups

    Multiple blinds can be grouped together and controlled as one.

  • blinds-heat-icon
    Sun tracking

    System tracks position of the sun in the sky and calculates the angle for blinds. Maximum brightness but no direct sun rays.

  • presence-simulation-icon
    Holiday mode

    Blinds can be set to move up or down from time to time. When looking from outside, it will seem like someone is at home.

  • sunset-sunrise-icon
    Sunrise / Sunset

    Blinds can wake you up when the sun rises. Also in the evening when the sun sets, blinds can drive down automatically.

  • switch-icon
    No remote controls

    Wall controllers or switches from any manufacturer are compatible. And your smartphone replaces remote controls.

Taphome app Blinds

What Do I Need?



Control unit with interfaces for internal bus, RS485 and ModBus.


2 NTC / DI / DO

Controls blinds and lights on a classic electric installation.


Wind-Brightness-Temperature Sensor

Wind speed, sunshine intensity and exterior temperature measurement.



Multiple lights are combined into lighting scenes.
A single light switch is enough to ensure the atmosphere is just right.

  • light-scene-icon
    Lighting scenes

    Reduce the number of switches on a wall. Multiple lights can be easily controlled with a single light switch.

  • presence-simulation-icon
    Presence simulation

    Lights can be set to go on and off randomly when there is nobody at home.

  • switch-icon
    Any light switch design

    System is compatible with light switches from any manufacturer. Choose any design you like.

  • eco-mode-icon
    All lights off

    When you leave home, press one button and all lights go off. It is that simple.

  • self-control-icon
    Dimmed light at night

    A motion detector may notice you are walking in a dark house. Lights will turn on in a dimmed mode.

  • equation-icon
    Notify with a light

    And yes, you also have limitless options on what to do next with light. It can change color depending on weather – so that you know which jacket to wear.

Taphome app lighting

What Do I Need?



Control unit with interfaces for internal bus, RS485 and ModBus.


12 DO Module

Relay module which switches heating valves, blinds motors, lights or sockets.


24 UI Module

It gathers inputs from light and blind switches, temperature and motion sensors.


4 AO Module

It controls air ventilation intensity and light dimming.

And Much More


Air ventilation

Ventilation intensity of a heat recovery system is managed depending on data from CO2 sensors.

Alarm icon


System connects to a standalone alarm or motion sensors can be connected directly to digital inputs.


Photovoltaic panels

System switches between photovoltaic panels and electricity from network depending on real-time needs.

Doors and gates icon

Doors and Gates

Control gates using a smartphone. This will make sense to you when you forget your keys :)

Irrigation icon


Weather station measures rainfall volume. System controls sprinklers and distributes water as necessary.

Water tank icon

Retention water tank

Special sensors measure water level in retention tank. If there is enough water in the tank, sprinkler uses water from the tank.

Pools icon


System controls water temperature, motorized cover, jet stream speed, light and emergency alarm.

Sauna icon


Heat up sauna remotely before you get home. No dinner will sneak in between your arrival home and arrival to sauna.

Cost comparison

Electric infrastructure for a typical 150m2 house TapHome Classic
110V - 240V cables 1500 € 1000 €
Data cables FTP / UTP 300 € 100 €
Switches Switches from any manufacturer can be used. There is a saving on combined switches used for classic electric installation. 1200 € 1500 €
Electric box components Box, circuit breakers etc 1200 € 1000 €
Manual work Laying cables, components installation, configuration 3500 € 2500 €
Thermostats, blinds and other controllers 7700 € 6100 €
Zoned control Additional equipment for zoned heating / cooling control in the primary energy cycle - changes on heat pump or boiler 0 € 800 €
Thermostats Traditional thermostats for zoned heating / cooling control. Assumed 8 zones and 70 € price for an average traditional thermostat. 0 € 560 €
Blinds Traditional remote controls for blinds. Assumed 8 blinds with 150 € cost for one blind. 0 € 1200 €
Air ventilation Extra fee for a better wall controller for air ventilation system. 0 € 100 €
Sprinklers Cost for typical sprinklers controllers 0 € 400 €
TapHome TapHome modules for zoned control for 8 heating zones, 8 blinds, air ventilation system and 4 sprinklers 1700 € 0 €
1700 € 3060 €
total 9400 € VS 9160 €
102% 100%
TapHome Classic

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